k!mjuhyeon by 覺

Sweing tradition and authenticity

by 覺 Tailor Academy

Creating better work than yesterday is the craftsmanship

New JemulpoClub

Cultural space that embodies the meaning of a social club

by 覺 Suit Rental Center

Confidence for that day, by 覺

by 覺 Story

In 2014, kimjuhyeon by kak was launched to promote

Incheon’s high-quality handmade suits,

It was established to create the right styling for men

and cultural playground.

k!mjuhyeon by 覺

We are the only one in Incheon

that operates an in-store handmade workshop

and embodies the standard of bespoke-suits.

Total of 0,000 Suits
Total of 00,000,000 Stitches
Total of 000,000 Hours

by 覺 Tailor Academy

It was established to train younger generations so that

the bespoke-suits skills of artisans could be passed on

to future generations.

What can I do by learning tailoring skills?

I'm going to make my own suit

I'm going to start a tailor shop

I'm going to open a shopping mall

New JemulpoClub

It was established to inherit the history of

Jemulpo Club in Dongincheon,

which contains the history of the enlightenment period.

hope that watch, learn and understand about suits starting with by覺