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CEO Message

I'm Juhyeon KIM

#Sewing tradition and authenticity

Black Label, the top label of 'by覺', isIncheon's only bespoke tailor shop
based on custom tailoring that is made quickly, easily consumed,
and allows the wearer's occupation, taste, and memories
to be shared, rather than being discarded.
Taking care of myself and not following trends,
that is the charm of bespoke.
Our main customers are men who love themselves,
are confident and live successful lives.
Wearing the right clothes will enrich our lives.
I pray for a good relationship.

thank you



1. Logo

2. Symbol Mark


3. Brand Color

bykak Green

Hex: #205B48

RGB: (32, 91, 72)

CMYK: (65, 0, 21, 64)