k!mjuhyeon by 覺

Sewing tradition and authenticity

Directly managed atelier

We hired seven craftsmen with over 40 years of experience
to create suits that will impress customers with just one button or collar.
k!mjuhyeon by 覺 operates the only handmade workshop in Incheon
and embodies the standard of bespoke tailored suits.

Making Process

1. Take The Size

Through consultation, we take precise measurements to find a suit that suits your lifestyle and usability.

2. Making Pattern

Based on the measured size, a pattern that fits your body is created. by 覺's unique know-how is added to luxurious fabrics to create a look that is completely different from ready-made clothes.

3. Fitting

At the fingertips of our craftsmen, we can create the most comfortable and elegant silhouette for our customers. Master tailors with decades of experience
and skills pay meticulous attention to detail to create the perfect custom suit.

4. Completion

In our opinion, a true suit is a frame that embodies personal improvement and style through careful hand-sewing by a aftsman. If you experience our suits made through this process you will definitely feel it in your body first.

Total of 0,000 Suits
Total of 00,000,000 Stitches
Total of 000,000 Hours



k!mjuhyeon by 覺 basic service

1. Rent a bow tie for wedding photography or wedding.

2. Change the lapel that can wear it as daily suit.

3. If you wish, replace the buttons after the ceremony.

4.Can customizing Suit with high-quality custom shirts.

5. Provide free repairs for life.