New JemulpoClub

by 覺’s cultural space that embodies the meaning of a social club

New JemulpoClub was established to inherit the history of JemulpoClub, located in Dongincheon, which contains the history of the enlightenment period.

Prepared photos and costumes that fit the concept, and our studio has been prepared to become a diverse cultural space with the meaning of a social club.


decorated with furniture and props reminiscent of the enlightenment period, as well as mannequins and hand made suits.



사랑의 불시착

Became known as the filming location for tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” which aired in 2019 and ended successfully.

황인욱 이별주

All filming and costumes were done with the music video for singer Hwang-In-Wook’s “Sad Drinking” with by 覺.